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"10th Anniversary Exhibit:
A Decade in the Making"

November 14th

 H. Jeffcoat,  Mangrove II  (2016)


"The Fine Art of
Contemporary Crafts IV"

December 12th


"Hollis Jeffcoat:
Narrative Abstraction"
New Series of Work

January 9th

Hollis Jeffcoat and Darby Bannard first exhibited together at the gallery in 2011.  In this current exhibit Jeffcoat's recent paintings represent a new direction - Narrative Abstraction.  While Bannard's were just discovered in his studio after his recent passing.

For the anniversary exhibit the gallery was filled with new art work.  Over 30 artists from all Seasons sent their latest pieces to be part of this celebratory exhibit.  It was interesting to see how their work has evolved from when you first saw them. 



“Feminine Magic & Mystery”

February 6th

Honoring the Feminine in this month dedicated to Womens' History, the exhibit features female artists who do the same in their work. Sculptors Cathy Rose, Kirsten Stingle and Painters Rimi Yang, Cathy Hegman and Fran Gardner.  A truly magical exhibit!

The sixth year of dedicating an exhibit to Contemporary Crafts brings together amazing new work by gallery favorites and introduces equally remarkable work by three new artists, a master wood carver and two emerging ceramists.



"Beauty Heals:
The Power of Nature in Paint"

March 6th

Throughout art history the subject of Beauty has been both revered and destained.  Recently, research has shown that beauty heals, ergo ... beautiful art must heal.  This exhibit of 4 masterful painters of the beauty of nature supports this premise. Introducing Stanley Bielen, Kathleen Speranza, Paula Heisen and Carin Wagner.     



"Summer Salon '18"

April 3rd

This time of year we present a survey of all the artists that exhibited during the season.  It is a eclectic and exciting exhibit of all things art.