Ani Kasten creates ceramic sculptures and vessels with forms and textures that simultaneously convey a modern, minimalist aesthetic and the illusory patina of objects exposed to the rigors of time.

“These sculptural groupings explore the meeting point between natural and man-made worlds; the shapes and surface treatments take their influence from plants, water, rocks and clay, as well as from architecture, industry and machinery. The pieces are often truncated, off-center, weathered and perforated, combining natural movement and an apparent state of organic deterioration that invokes the cycle of life, death, decay. The pieces are like remnants, a landscape of objects that remain after some kind of significant change, grave markers, or organic matter that has survived a great fire.”

Kasten completed her BA in English Literature at the University of Michigan, followed by an apprenticeship with British ceramist Rupert Spira. She then spent four years heading the development of a stoneware ceramic production facility for artisan potters in the village of Thimi, Nepal. She established her first studio in Oakland, CA in 2005, and in 2007 she became an Artist in Residence at Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, MD, where she worked closely with ceramic artist Margaret Boozer.

Kasten works out of her studio in Shafer, MN and continues to exhibit her work nationally and internationally in galleries and fine craft exhibitions.