Jane Jaskevich


Jane Jaskevich's mystical figures exude elegant strength. Sculpted with tools and techniques both modern and ancient, her contrasting colors, lines and surfaces create majestic forms that feel simultaneously contemporary and classical.

“My art reflects the coexistence of the conscious and subconscious, the symbolic and literal. The mystery is not only in the finished image but also in the process. The shape of the boulder suggests an idea [and] the pieces evolve as I create them, almost on their own. My sculptures appear to be 'born' out of the material, [and] I feel sometimes I am more midwife than creator.”

Jaskevich earned her BFA from the University of Georgia and her MFA in Art Education from Florida State University. Her work has been shown in more than 80 group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States, and is part of several permanent collections.

Jaskevich lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.