Original Exhibit Dates: March 13 to April 7, 2012

Our twenty-fourth exhibit was inspired by and dedicated to the memory of master painter and teacher Nicolas Carone, and featured the work of nine talented New York artists.

After the wonderful opening for Nick’s solo exhibit in 2010, he suggested/commanded that Watson MacRae bring a group of New York artists to Sanibel. It was his only visit to Sanibel, but he loved it, and he loved the people he met at the opening. “Get 2-3 pieces from really good New York artists,” Nick said. “These people will appreciate good pictures” – which is what he always called paintings.

Two years later, we did. Thanks, Nick.

We called upon David Fratkin, painter and New York art scene citizen to co-curate this exhibition. David presented us with many talented artists whose work he admired, and together we selected the “New York Nine” for this exhibit – six painters, a ceramist, a sculptor and a printmaker. Just like New York, the work was diverse, interesting and intense, created by mid-career artists who have dedicated their lives to making art that adds beauty and wonder to our world:

Poogy Bjerklie’s still-life paintings play intense flowers against subtle backgrounds.
Claude Carone’s abstract paintings move us into other worlds.
Devin Dougherty’s ceramic pots are thought provoking pieces of other times.
David Fratkin creates mesmerizing patterns of texture and color with paint.
Michael Goodwin paints intimate, atmospheric landscapes of Maine.
Owen Gray’s paintings of the Everglades teem with life.
Paula Heisen paints surrealistic still lifes of creatures in fabric landscapes.
Deborah Masters sculpts massive public works and smaller-scale ceramic heads.
Susan Mastrangelo catches women in motion with her mixed-media prints.

“New York, New York” is a sophisticated and eclectic exhibit that presented Sanibel with a slice of the New York art scene – talented artists doing what they love."