Original Exhibit Dates: November 10 to December 2, 2015

The Gallery opened its eighth season with our exciting forty-seventh exhibit featuring new work by five diverse artists who use ancient materials - paper and paint - in modern ways.

Greg Bilochini continued to amaze with his majestic "Florida Sky" series. His ability to apply multiple layers of vibrant colors produces paintings with an inner luminescence reminiscent of the Renaissance.

Hollis Jeffcoat titled her new series "Telos," which means to be drawn towards one's divine purpose for human good. Her new paintings are like modern-day Mandalas, and Jeffcoat's application of color weaves its way deeper and deeper into meditative space.

In this exhibit, Cathy Hegman turned from her color-saturated paintings to create atmospheric realms in black and white on paper.

Anne Gates Yarnall returned to the gallery with a new collection of her innovative collages. It is always surprising how their modest size belies the monumental feel of these exquisitely formed pieces.

It's also hard to believe - and always a delight to discover - Akiko Sugiyama's intricate and delicate constructions are made entirely of paper.