Celebrated ceramicist and painter Sheryl Zacharia combines shape and surface with masterful musicality and movement, harmonizing old and new into extraordinary compositions. 

“As a child I was captivated by old things [and] I realize now much of that had to do with their handmade quality. My clay work is influenced by the material itself, its history and the intimacy of its interaction with the hand and touch. This is why my surfaces reveal the process; and the process becomes the surface. The sculptural forms focusing on shape and surface are inspired by my love for ancient relics and modern abstract paintings, [and] the textured and stamped areas help the eyes travel deliberately around the forms.”

Zacharia majored in painting at Southhampton College, but spent the following decade as a published singer-songwriter and performer. She then began working in clay, which started her on a new artistic path. 

She has taught numerous courses and workshops on ceramics, and in 2011 she completed an eight month extended residency at the Museum Of Arts and Design in NYC. She has exhibited nationally, her work has been featured in various magazines and books, and many of her unique pieces can be found in corporate, museum and private collections.

Though always a true, life-long New Yorker at heart, Zacharia now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.